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San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Creating athletes in the Golden State

San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Our Boxing Classes in San Francisco

Our boxing curriculum is one of the most comprehensive and well-designed programs. It not only challenges you physically but increases your mental focus while building true confidence.
Let's get busy!

San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Personal Training

We'll create a custom workout plan just for you, to get your body where YOU want it to be.

San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Boxing Classes

Teaching you how to become a fantastic boxer - our world-class coaches know how to get you to the top.

San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Boxing Testing

Are you looking to prove yourself or move up to the next level in boxing? We have the classes and tests for you.

San Francisco's Best Boxing Gym

Training takes training. Thankfully, we've been doing it in San Francisco for 30 years, so you can trust that we know what we are doing. We have the knowledge and experience to train anyone for anything.

30 years of training experience

Boxing Classes

Boxing Level 1: Beginner

Level 1 classes will focus on basic boxing fundamentals. It is offense oriented and will provide an amazing cardio workout. No hitting other people or being hit. All levels welcome.


Boxing Level 2: Intermediate

Level 2 classes focus on boxing technique, footwork, breathing, defense, counterattacks and movement. Learn to work with another person and incorporate defense with your offense.

Students must pass the Level 2 Skills Assessment Test to participate.


Boxing Level 3: Sparring

An introduction to sparring. Work on your defense and offense. This class will allow you to test your skills in a controlled and monitored setting.

Students must pass the Level 3 Skills Assessment Test to participate ($35.00).

Approved sparring gloves, headgear, and mouth-piece are required

Fitness Classes

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)

This is 50 minutes of pure cardio! Our MetCon program consists of learning dynamic movements alongside intense interval training. You'll use everything from kettlebells to barbells to skiers, with a healthy dose of bodyweight workouts thrown in. Each individual will be challenged to develop strength through functional movements for a fat-burning, strength-building program that will challenge everyone. All levels are welcome.



Back by popular demand: 50 hard minutes with just you and a kettlebell! Popularized by Crossfitters and used around the world, you'll learn both basic and advanced kettlebell movements while getting an amazing full-body fat-burning workout. All levels are welcome.


Weight Training & Powerlifting

The age old classic, strength training is critical for anyone interested in transforming their body. Not only will this class make you stronger, strength training has been found to both increase bone density and help joints stay flexible! You'll work on powerlifting as well as accessory weight lifting movements. Learn squats, deadlifts, benchpress and more. All levels welcome, class is 90 minutes long. 

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