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fitness classes

Fitness Classes

metabolic conditioning

 Develop your metabolic conditioning with mobility and strength, achieve weight loss, and build muscle - from kettlebells to barbells.

Fitness Classes

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is 50 minutes of pure cardio! Our HIIT program consists of learning dynamic movements alongside intense interval training. You'll use everything from kettlebells to barbells to skiers, with a healthy dose of bodyweight workouts thrown in. Each individual will be challenged to develop strength through functional movements for a fat-burning, strength-building program that will challenge everyone. All levels are welcome.



Back by popular demand: 50 hard minutes with just you and a kettlebell! Popularized by Crossfitters and used around the world, you'll learn both basic and advanced kettlebell movements while getting an amazing full-body fat-burning workout. All levels are welcome.


Weight Training & Powerlifting

The age old classic, strength training is critical for anyone interested in transforming their body. Not only will this class make you stronger, strength training has been found to both increase bone density and help joints stay flexible! You'll work on powerlifting as well as accessory weight lifting movements. Learn squats, deadlifts, benchpress and more. All levels welcome, class is 90 minutes long. 

Sports Performance

Sports Performance is a 50-minute class designed to increase your general sports skills and reduce your risk of injury. Each class will improve on the 3 pillars of sports performance: skill building, strength for explosive power and stability, and aerobic conditioning. So, whether you’re an athlete yourself or just want to train like one, this class will challenge you while improving your athleticism.


 Personal Training Our training philosophy is based on the principle of discipline. While goals set you up for failure, disci

Personal Training

Our training philosophy is based on the principle of discipline. While goals set you up for failure, discipline sets you up for fulfillment.


We emphasize form and function over weight and reps. We want you to train like an athlete but not compete like an athlete. Cross-training provides a unique opportunity to learn about your body, what it is capable of and where its limits and imbalances are. We support any athletic endeavor our members wish to take on, but our philosophy de-emphasizes competition in training because focusing on arbitrary performance measures based on condensed timelines (which is what competition breeds) can lead to injury.

Rules and Etiquette

  1. Please try and be on time! If a class is full your spot may be given over to the waitlist.

  2. Check in at front desk when you arrive.

  3. Please sanitize and put equipment away after use

  4. Metcon, Kettlebell and Weight Lifting classes are open to everyone.

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All Videos

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