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Our boxing curriculum is one of the most comprehensive and well designed programs. It not only challenges you physically, but increases your mental focus while building true confidence.

Boxing Classes


Boxing meets HIIT (high intensity interval training)! This combo class engages various muscle groups, promoting muscular strength and overall fitness. Boxing enhances upper body strength, while resistance exercises target the lower body, core, and balance. Expect to leave this high intensity workout sweaty, while burning a significant number of calories and maximizing fat loss and cardio.

Boxing Level 1: Beginner / Intermediate

Level 1 classes will focus on basic boxing fundamentals. It is offense-oriented and will provide an amazing cardio workout. No hitting other people or being hit. All levels welcome.

Boxing Level 2: Intermediate / Advanced

Level 2 classes focus on boxing technique, footwork, defense, counterattacks rhythm and movement. Learn to work with another person and incorporate defense with your offense.

Start your introduction to sparring. Work on your defense and offense. You will test your skills in a controlled and monitored setting.

Students must pass the Level 2 Skills Assessment Test to participate. 

Approved sparring gloves, headgear, and mouth-piece are required


Boxing Level 3: Competition Sparring and Coaching
Students must pass the Level 3 Skills Assessment Test to participate.


Personal Training

Our training philosophy is based on the principle of discipline. While goals can set you up for failure, discipline sets you up for fulfillment.

We emphasize form and function over weight and reps. You don't have to be an athlete to train like an athlete and be athletic! Cross-training provides a unique opportunity to learn about what your body is capable of and achieve. We support any athletic endeavor our members wish to take on!

boxing instructor and student personal training
How to wrap your hands

How to Wrap Your Hands


Hand wrapping tutorial
Play Video

The primary purpose of hand wraps is to protect a boxer’s most important weapon—your hands! Properly wrapped hands can protect the joints and tendons in your hands, as well as provide support for your fingers, knuckles, and wrists. Watch the video to learn how you can wrap your hands for boxing.

Quick wraps are also a great option for protecting your hands and can be slipped on and secured in just a few seconds. Please opt for using your quick wraps if you are running late to class, as to not disrupt the instructor or your fellow boxers.

We offer a special bundle for hand wraps and quick wraps. Come into The Park Gym to pick yours up today!

boxing rules and etiquette

Boxing Rules and Etiquette

  1. You must check in at the front desk before entering class

  2. Please be on time for class, you will not be allowed into class more than five minutes late.

  3. Handwraps are suggested, and may be purchased at the front desk. Gloves may also be purchased or rented.

  4. If you need any assistance, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your class. (for help with wraps etc..)

  5. You must wear gym or boxing shoes with appropriate workout attire for all classes (bare feet are not allowed)

  6. No Sparring without trainer supervision

  7. Please return all rented gloves after use.

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