Our Trainers

David Park
Boxing / WOD / Fitness / AP

David is the head coach of The Park Gym. He has trained with world class trainers and champioins such as Freddie Roach and Brian Viloria. David was also trained by Renee Arredondo, a two-time welterweight champion. David is also CrossFit Level 1 certified.

Juan Valencia
WOD / Fitness / Power Lifting / AP / Olympic Lifting

Juan is a Certified Crossfit Level 2 Coach! He teaches constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity so members are prepared for whatever life has in store. Whether that be lifting your child and groceries with one arm, or being prepared for the next zombie apocalypse!

Valerie Lo
Boxing / WOD / Fitness / Power Lifting / AP

Coach Lo has made teaching her career. Not only is she one of our great female boxing coaches; she is also a professor at USF. She has fought as an amateur, representing The Park Gym. Coach Lo is the epitome of brains and brawn.

Austin Tam
Boxing / Fitness

Austin is our boxing head coach. He has started here at The Park Gym since it opened. He continues to strive at giving everyone the best technique and boxing lessons. He is also active and still competing in boxing.

Arthur Gaus

Coach Arthur started and has competed all thru college and beyond. He has extensive experience in boxing. A fierce and dedicated boxer, Arthur is always ready to help and guide anyone in need.

Sylvie Lerner
Boxing / WOD / Fitness / AP

Sylvie is a certified USA Boxing Level 1 Coach . She is originally from Denver where fitness and outdoor activities came second nature. She believes she was destined to box, as her childhood nickname is derived from Sylvester Stallone. Sylvie loves long combo mitt work, wall balls and getting to know people, so if you see her please say hi!

Joon Yi
WOD / Fitness / AP / Power Lifting / Olympic Lifting

A strong believer of functional fitness, Joon is committed to changing how people view fitness and themselves. He has participated in various sports all his life, and is the resident Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Park Gym. He’s had mentorship and trained with Power Athlete HQ, and Crossfit Games Athlete Chyna Cho and Freddy Camacho.


Front Desk Staff

Alexa Martinez

Front Desk

Janoah Magloach

Front Desk