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Online reservations cut off 60 minutes before class.

How Early Should I Arrive Before Class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before class. This insures you have enough time to grab gloves, wraps, and check in with the front desk.

All clients must check in 5 minutes prior to class or risk losing a place to someone on the waitlist.

Anyone arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be able to attend the class.

Cancellation Policy

Late Cancel: Cancelling 2 hours or less prior to class start time.

Absent: You did not check in at front desk.

Class Pack members will have 1 class deducted from their account if they are “absent” or “late cancel”

**Members receive 2 “life happens” passes a month before their account will be charged.

Our cancellation policy ensures that we always have appropriate space for all our members!