Schedule of Classes

Harrison Street & Geary Street

Booking a Class
To guarantee your spot in class please reserve ahead of time via our website. All are welcome to drop in and sign up for class in person but space is not guaranteed. Please note that online reservations cut off 60 minutes before class.

Online reservations cut off 60 minutes before class.

The Park Gym cannot alter or remove the reservation of anyone coming to class on a third party membership.

We are not responsible for issues arising from classes purchased from a 3rd party.

All are welcome to join our Core Cardio, Battle Rope, or Weightlifting classes.

Athletic Performance classes require the successful completion of the AP Fundamentals Course and passing the AP Skills Test. Please speak with one of our coaches or the front desk for assistance.

Level 1 Boxing classes are open to all.

Level 2 Boxing classes are open to members and 50 class-pack holders and require the completion of the Level 2 Skills Test.

Level 3 Boxing: Sparring requires the head coach’s approval and the Level 3 Skills Test. Appropriate sparring gloves, head gear, mouthpiece, and groin protectors (men) are required, and all sparring must be supervised by a coach.

Classes start on the hour! Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure a prompt start for all. Late arrivals will not be accepted.