Athletic Performance

We don’t want to give you a work out, we want to teach you a workout. Our members consistently report building Park-based workouts into their lives while traveling or at home, simply because they’ve learned how. All they need is their body..


Athletic Performance Classes


Athletic Performance (AP) Cross Training

Our fitness program will consist of learning some dynamic movements along with some intense interval training. Each individual will be challenged to develop strength through functional movements. This fat-burning, strength-building program will challenge everyone.

If you are new to Kettlebell and Barbell movements, no problem! Take our Beginner’s Athletic Performance class to learn them!


AP Core Cardio

A full hour of pure cardio. All levels are welcome. Core cardio is designed to use mostly, your body weight to give you an intense fat burning workout. (All Levels)


AP Weight Lifting & Power Lifting

Class for the basics of powerlifting and accessory movements. Focus on squats, deadlifts and benchpresses. Learn from weightlifting record holder, Jeremy Avilla.


AP Kettlebell

Learn to use Kettlebells to develop strength and stamina while developing core.


AP Battlerope

Isometric interval training developing lean muscle using battleropes.


Schedule of AP Classes

Personal Training


Our training philosophy is based on the principle of discipline. While goals set you up for failure, discipline sets you up for fulfillment.


We emphasize form and function over weight and reps. We want you to train like an athlete but not compete like an athlete. Cross-training provides a unique opportunity to learn about your body, what it is capable of and where its limits and imbalances are. We support any athletic endeavor our members wish to take on, but our philosophy de-emphasizes competition in training because focusing on arbitrary performance measures based on condensed timelines (which is what competition breeds) can lead to injury.


Call for Personal Training

Workout of the Day


Rules and Etiquette


  1. Must be on time for class anyone more than 5 minutes late, may be turned away.
  2. Please check in at front desk (mandatory)
  3. Please put equipment away after use
  4. If you are new to barbell and crosstraining AP Fundamentals is necessary before taking Athletic Performance(AP).
  5. Core Cardio and Weight Lifting classes are open to everyone, Beginner’s Ramp not necessary.
  6. Please do not leave chalk lying around, chalk must be put back in bucket.

We are located at

4801 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 742-5296

Mon-Thr: 7am - 8pm
(closed for lunch 1:30-3pm)

Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 12pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm