Boxing Camp

The Park Gym Boxing Camp is a 4-week training camp that will focus on the art of boxing.


Each week will consist of two 1-hour training sessions that are programmed to get each athlete ready for the final week of competition. This competition will include skill work as well as stepping into the ring.  All athletes will be fully padded. This is your first step to empowerment.

Each individual will be paired up and will work together. Giving them a new experience in team building. Sessions will be structured with a warm-up, a brief tutorial explaining the lesson for the day, skill work which will focus on balance and coordination, the training segment will develop speed and power working on a heavy bag, and the class will end with conditioning geared towards strengthening the core and increasing stamina.

This all-inclusive package allows up to 24 participants and will include house gloves, mouth guards, sparring equipment and hand wraps along with a private training facility.


Warm-up Course / 15 minutes

50 jumping jacks
50 boxing stance up and downs
50 boxing stance in and outs
50 scissor jumping jacks

Training Segment / 25 minutes
Working on combinations
Heavy bag work
Constant rhythm and movement

Tutorial & Skills / 10 minutes
Explanation of the day’s lesson
Overview of stance and basic punches

Core & Conditioning / 10 minutes
Sit ups