Now offering broad, general and inclusive fitness classes.

We are conveniently located at 1960 Harrison St, San Francisco, between 15th & 16th. There is ample parking available at 15th & Harrison in the UCSF lot (Open to the public).

Boxing Info and Trainers

We Offer the Best Boxing in San Francisco

With a focus on strength and conditioning, boxing offers a unique and motivating alternative to the standard gym workout. The Park Gym offers classes, personal training, and weight training, as well as boxing. Whether you are focused on boxing competitively or recreationally we will train and prepare you. Our on-staff strength coaches will design a conditioning and strengthening program specifically for you. By combining boxing with our all new fitness program, members receive a training experience no other gym provides.

Fitness Info and Trainers

The Park Gym wants to help you get active!

In today’s information age we move less, sit more, eat poorly, and have a very limited amount of free time. This chair-borne lifestyle has taken its toll on our bodies, leaving us energy deprived, inefficient and injury prone. Since most of us lack the necessary knowledge to develop the right fitness program, we often end up spinning our wheels when we do find the time to exercise. The Park Gym takes an innovative, integrated approach towards attaining real world fitness. Our trainers will get you into the best shape of your life!

Our certified trainers are here to put you in the best shape of your life!


David Park

David is the head coach of The Park Gym. He has trained with Brian Viloria, WBO and WBA Flyweight champion, won the WBC Light Flyweight and IBF Junior Flyweight titles. He has also trained with Freddie Roach. His main trainer was Renee Arredondo. WBC Jr. Welterweight champion. David is also CrossFit Level 1 certified, and a 6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do.

Austin Tam

Austin is our boxing head coach. He has started here at The Park Gym since it opened. He continues to strive at giving everyone the best technique and boxing lessons. He is also active and still competing in boxing.